Hello all / washing in a dry climate

Hey all -

My name is Ben and I’m from Las Vegas. I’ve been lurking around here for awhile now reading and looking for answers to questions I have about the business. Appreciate this resource and the people posting, looking forward to talking with y’all.

Anyone here currently washing somewhere with a very dry climate (Phoenix…Vegas…)? I’m having a hard time getting a good read on the market here. My initial thoughts were to start with a smaller investment and grow into bigger and better equipment. But there is so little organic growth here I think house washing is pretty infrequent. I don’t think Id even offer roofs as a service initially. Commercial work and residential driveways/flatwork seems like the bulk of the jobs here, and I think my chances for success would be much better if I started with higher output hot water machine. With that comes a good sized buffer tank, with that comes a trailer capable of the weight…etc. and I’m looking at a solid investment from the get go. I’m confident in my ability to run and market the business, and put in the hard work. I’m just a little hesitant given the unique market…(especially combined with the economy overall, but that’s another discussion.) Sorry, that’s a lot of thinking out loud, maybe Im wrong about the starting point, but that’s just what my gut says. If anyone has any thoughts overall, or experiences in a desert climate that could help thanks in advance!

I see no one has answered, all I can comment on are the water restrictions and regulations. Might want to look into that before you fork over money for PW equipment.

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Thanks Chris, appreciate the response. I have looked into that, and there are very strict regulations for landscaping, golf courses, pools etc, but with building and surface washing its just related to waste water…directed to landscaped areas or sanitary sewer depending on what is being washed. Possible regulations in the future also a concern for sure, but if successful I would like to invest in reclaim/recycle anyway, I think it would be a big selling point here for commercial work. Just having a hard time gauging how difficult it will be to break into that commercial side of the business out here with a somewhat lower demand for residential work to depend on for business starting out. Maybe Im underestimating the residential market…or thinking of trying to make up for that with additional services…windows, graffiti removal, striping etc