Heavy grease removal from concrete at a fast food restaurant

Occasionally I run into a concrete cleaning job that has grease build up to about 1/4 inch. I have been just using good ol’ fashion elbow grease to get it out, but it takes really long when you’re only using a 15 degree tip at 4000 psi & 7 GPM. Any ideas for a chemical that’ll loosen up the grease?

Thanx Guys

I would try EBC.

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Cool, this looks like it’ll do the job. Thnx

I might try to boost the EBC with potassium hydroxide of sodium hydroxide.

I’ve been boosting oil stains (EBC with sodium hydroxide). It helps cut through the thick stuff and allow the EBC to work on the shadows.

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Last week I hit the dumpster and grease pad at a Wendy’s and it was a nasty mess.

Combo of EBC, surface cleaner and 180 degree water worked wonders.

If the area is really greased up I suggest applying the EBC at full strength with a little agitation from a stiff brush.

I dont have the final rinse pic, but it came out nice.

The grease was built up about 1/4 inch in the corners.

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In this before and after pic, did you have to use a gun at all, or was all the work done be the surface cleaner? also, approximately how much EBC do you use on a job this size?

Your always going to have to use the gun whether it’s for rinsing or cleaning areas where the surface cleaner can’t get. Most of the grease was lifted with the combo of solution, hot water, and the surface cleaner.

It took 2 gallons of EBC to get this one done. But you need to apply the solution properly and spread out proportionally or you will run out quick.

When I say 2 gallons, I mean 2 gallons with not a drop to spare.

Hope this helps.

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Yep it does Kevin, thanx

What type of grease is it? From automobiles or is it grease around the dumpster pad and the back door?

This particular job is grease around a dumpster pad from a fast food restaurant. I do work with some vehicle grease though.

OK, On my contract cleaning business, Steamaway, we have been using Clearly Clean Xtreme and it works great at cutting through the restaurant grease (it is a strong sodium hydroxide base cleaner with surfactant). We also us it on the automotive grease/oil but it works best on the restaurant grease.

Where can i get EBC?

Use the search block on the top of the screen please


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