Heater on my Hydro Max leaking out of seams

Was doing a house Friday, had my heater set on about 115 and noticed some large puffs of smoke started coming out. Cleared up in about a min. Walked down to truck about 10min later and water dripping out pretty heavily out of bottom seam. At first I thought was diesel so cut off heater. After feeling it, wasn’t diesel, mainly water and drip slowed down a fair amount, but was still dripping some. Used for about another 30 min because I had to finish. Still dripping consistently, not terribly so. Any ideas? No leaks that I can see where input and output are. Has 1700 hours on it. Think a coil could have split?

Mounted on truck like it is, virtually impossible to get to all the screws to take shell off. Fortunately bought a new unit in July that’s still sitting down there. Guess I’ll need to make a trip to Calhoun Ga next few days

Mine did that too Rick. It happened a couple years ago…I thought maybe the coil sprung a leak, checked fittings and all was good. Contacted BCE and they said I would need to bring coil in to take a look at it, I believe it has 5 year warranty. Anyways……after a day or two it went away and have never had a problem since, that was at least 3 years ago. Mine started in the early morning in the spring….i was wondering if the outside temperature had anything to do with it? I could never get it to replicate that day or two it was happening again. My pressure was fine throughout the ordeal……I actually recorded it and sent to BCE. Anyways……hope it’s nothing serious and it resolves itself like mine did. Otherwise….i guess you’ll be getting a new coil.


Ran it about 10min last night and didn’t leak. But haven’t tried heater yet. Will here shortly. It was about 60 when it happened. Have had it blow a puff of smoke about once/ year, but never had stuff pouring out of it before. Getting ready to call Randy now.

I didn’t have the smoke deal…….just the water leaking out the bottom. On the 3rd day I didn’t notice it leaking and haven’t since……hopefully Randy can give you some explanation. They just told me to bring it to them to look at.

Our hydromax did that… every time it would start dripping my heater would quit working. I think it was a bad igniter or something Im not sure we had our mechanic out many times working on that machine to fix the hot water issues. It’s still not great lol

My heater continued to work fine….just dripping water, then stopped on the 3rd day. Very odd….

Tested it for awhile yesterday. With just water running worked fine. Cut on heater and a few min later started leaking again and heater never fired. Randy said could be igniter. Headed down there today to leave this one and put new one on truck. Going to let them go ahead and rebuild pump, fix heater and ship back to me and I’ll put it on new trailer build. 1750 hours and everything has worked like a charm. Only thing done other than oil changes is replaced unloader at 1350 hours. Can’t complain at all about it.


Trade it in for something with an Evinrude on it.

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Off with the old and on with the new

I’m getting them to rebuild pump even though it was working fine and go thru heater and then ship it back to me and it’ll go on new trailer build.


Change your filter. Randy was explaining the the igniter needs something like 140psi to work correctly and if it drops to around 120psi there’s a shutoff mechanism. Talked to today and he said my filter was messed up, probably reason my problems. I’d looked at and looked ok to me, but what do I know. It’s a cheap try to see if that helps.

mine had a clogged nozzle, it is a 3.25x80b. Are you saying you had a clogged fuel filter (bowl) racer?

Had my furnace guy look it over while checking my furnace for the yearly switch to oil heat.

He said that was what they saw preliminarily

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I bought one just like it about 6 months ago from Randy. So far it has been a work horse!!

I’m liking the extra power my new one has. 4000psi pump vs 3600. Getting about 350 more at the end of my hose than with my older one.

Absolutely, I noticed it as well! Its great with the big guy, but I cant run the ww classic on full throttle without adding a little weight on it, or throttling down.

which pump is it?