Hi i am in my first year of taking over my fathers pressure washing businesss.He passed away this year from lung and brain cancer. He was in bussiness for over thirty pressure washing in new orleans metro area. The questoin i have has anyone heard or know of someone getting cancer from doing pressure washing.He did alot of ware house work spraying bleach.If anyone has any thought or sugestoins how can i protect my self doing this kind of work thanks jeremy

Good looking out Jeremy.

We buy these by the carton.

There are other better, tougher, tighter, smarter and all around fabulous big respirators. That sit in the truck. These are comfy and become second nature, even on housewash jobs. In a warehouse? I’m wearing one of those big mothers that I hate.

3M Particulate Respirator 8576, P95, with Nuisance Level Acid Gas Relief (Pack of 10): Industrial & Scientific

Excellent question. I just got home tonight from a house wash with tight skinned hands and a little heat on my neck from getting showered with solution today. I am getting too much exposure to sh, I know. I wear safety glasses & a respirator part of the time, but need to be more diligent about it. My biggest discomfort has been getting showered on the face, head, neck & back when the wind is wrong I’m tackling that soffit & gutter or 2nd story. Any PPE recommendations on how to outfit up right, from you pros?

thanks luke

Wear a respirator Jeremy like Tims says. SH will wreck havoc on your lungs long term.

In my case when 9-11 happened here,like an idiot I stopped wearing my 3m respirators cause people got nervous over anything. Years later and even today if I’m around open Chlorine I get shortness of breath. Thank God I at least quit smoking back then.

Protect yourself now or you’ll pay later.

This hat helps