He has a POWER washer!


Good for you.
I do too.
Just mind your own business, or is it back to tit for tat again?


Get em tiger. Sorry to sidetrack the thread. Glad you changed your website. We are a good influence on you :slight_smile:


you forgot the PM you sent me over a month ago?
or your memory is completely off?
move on…


That looks like a 2500 ram to me. Has a missouri plate on the trailer. In Missouri anything over 16k pounds and there is only one plate that goes on the front.


Angie did it again


@Innocentbystander Ive read several of your posts and responses on forums, particularly regarding apartment complexes.
We operate out of Atlanta, Ga. In business 2.5 years doing commercial and residential work. Would you be open to answering a couple questions? My email is springcleanpowerwashing@gmail.com or pm me here.


No offense meant at all, but other than generic stuff I offer here, I don’t want to offer specifics in an area I work in


None taken. I just read you’re here and in warner robbins and understand. Thanks for all the knowledge you have offered though!