He has a POWER washer!


Did a house wash today to the house right next to this one. The homeowner came home as I was reeling in hoses and I told her I was really grateful for the business, but asked why they didn’t get him to do it out of curiosity.

He apparently told her his is a POWER washer that would blow their siding off and what they need is a pressure washer… So today I learned that commercially built hot water rig with reclaim is a power washer and all I have is this measly pressure washer. :joy:


Haha that’s funny. Usually the guys with the pre bought 15k trailers that are the least knowledgeable in the industry.

I had a guy hire me last year to wash his house with a similar scenario, but he was the guy with the equipment. He had an enclosed trailer with a gx390 4/4 and a hot box. Worked for a national company that did Sams clubs…

He tells me, ya I can’t wash my house with myne cause it will blow the siding off because I have a real pressure washer. Lol But we have the same pressure washer.


That’s a lot of weight for a 1500 dodge lol


He’s got a nice setup.


At least he’s a patriot. Red door, White trim boards, and Blue siding! Merica!


My first thought, being a truck driver is; why isnt he BACKED into the driveway ? :joy:


Lol. That’s what the ikii cat had on his website for the longest time
Pressure washing used hot water but power washing used cold.


He’d get a ticket in our town for parking on the sidewalk! :slightly_smiling_face:


That’s so sad :sob:


It is a nice set up. I just don’t know if he knows how to use it. :joy:


Somewhere I read POWER washing was heated water and PRESSURE washing was well, with pressure. Probably Angie’s List…


As always you are wrong get it straight if you are going to quote me


I’ll dig it up. I have a screen shot of your website before you changed it when we called you out for stealing content. Gotta get back to work now


Kinda creepy, William. Just saying :smirk:


Did you ask if he needed his place done lol


He’s in my neck of the woods. Gotta keep your eye out for the quirks lol


I am not in the boonies.
No hillbilly cat here


Why does it look like he has a Chief’s license plate on the truck. Don’t you need regular tags in KC, or do you get a pass if your a Chief’s fan?


I think we’re only required to have one here.


I service NC and SC, and a couple other states. It’s good. Do your thing.