Having a number of issues

I dont know if chemicals is my issue or technique. Basically I’m not getting the results i want from chems + pressure washer, on vinyl I’m having to take a brush to entire surface or go high pressure (which i know cam cause damage) on wood it is basically the same thing, i am soaking before hand and then trying to keep it damp and ive watched a number of videos and try to emulate thier techniques but having no success. I use a 4200 psi 4 gpm dewalt been using basic home depot deck/siding chems and ive been experimenting a little with bleach.

Most big box store PW pumps have the chemical injector built in and they’re junk. You can either cap the chem injector on the machine and go buy a fixed chem injector and put two quick connects on and you’ll be good to go. You can also ditch that pump and get a better one (General, Udor, etc)…put an unloader on it it and you’ll also be good.

Your other problem is with chemicals. You need to read a lot more and when you think you’ve read enough read more. The search button is your friend on here. The fact that you’re just now experimenting with bleach and messing with Home Depot chemicals is why you’re not getting results.


I’m also new but have a few houses under my belt. My machine is very similar to yours.

I went with an X-Jet M5 that snaps onto the end of your wand and draws your chems from a bucket. Right now I’m still using storebought bleach and around 3oz of dish soap to make it stick.

Bleach is the key, skip those housewash chemicals. It sounds scary as a new washer, but keep in mind if done correctly the bleach will be diluted enough to not cause damage.

These guys on here really helped me out, just read like crazy in the search function.


Thanks for the help!!

Id reccomend getting a better machine when you can…I also understand bills have to get paid. If your not able to upgrade to a pump where you can use an external Down Stream Injector then id go with the X Jet M-5 for the meantime.

Order a X Jet M5 and a gallon of Eliminator from Pressuretek…go find some liquid chlorine 10 or 12.5%…Go make $$ and when you can upgrade to a better machine.

I used an M5 for two seasons…finally switched to a downstream injector with a 35 gal chem tank and boy has it saved me a huge headache. The M5 does and will work in your circumstance though.

Its not rocket science…go read!!


Like the others, I’d definitely look into getting a different injector and cap the one you have. And stay away from box store chems. Like @Patriotspwashing said, get some good surfactant like Elemonator. With the right injector and chems, you will be fine. I agree that your machine isn’t necessarily ideal, but its not the problem right now. Read, read and read some more on chems and ratios. Use the search and you can find all the answers you need. Good luck.


Hey bud- I’m just starting out as well, and have been using these guys’ advice religiously. I have the same rig, and have modded it slightly. Hopefully I can help you with a bit of advise for starting out…
First, get yourself some cheap 10% bleach from either Walmart or Lowe’s. You can also buy 12.5%, or in bulk, but just starting out- you don’t wanna have a surplus or excess of this stuff, as UV rays and age make it go bad over time. I’ve heard the pool essentials has been discontinued, but the Kemtek from Lowe’s is the exact same stuff. Make sure you buy at least 10% sodium hypochlorite though, as the other stuff doesn’t cut much. As stated above, if you downstream it, you should be diluting it enough to not cause any damage to plants, grass, etc. I also wash heavily before, and after I apply my bleach solution. May be overkill, but I’ve never burned any plants, & don’t intend to.
Second, if you have the unloaded and DS injector built into the pump, I would go on ahead and upgrade to one that has a separate connection to install your own DS injector and unloader. I went with a general pump, and it came “fully plumbed” (meaning all set up with unloader installed) I believe the one I bought is an EZ4040G. Just match the specs to make sure. Only 4 bolts, not even a key inside to replace it.
Once you have the pump installed, get a DS injector. I’m currently using a fixed one, but am about to try out an adjustable one simply because I am drawing waaay too fast lol. Make sure you install it the correct way, put PTFE (Teflon) tape on all your threads, and most importantly- install the DS injector facing the right way. Yes, I made that mistake, because the pump has a female connection, & DS injector has a male. SMDH😖
After you’re finished with your setup, go buy a 5 gallon bucket, pour straight 10% bleach, a squirt of soap (or other surfactant) and connect your draw tube. I also installed a pvc pipe around the tube for weight. After all this, you should be ready to rock & roll dude!!!
It also wouldn’t hurt to buy a bunch of spare spring/ball/prong repair kits for whichever DS injector you end up going with. That and maybe a few spare DS injectors themselves. You never want to be stuck without one, trust me. Also, remember to always take your gun out & let the water run through the injector after you’re done downstreaming. This will prolong the life of it.
Hope all of this helps, please see photos below of what I use🤙🏼


Your pump is fine. Definitely add a DS injector no matter what is built into your pump. An x-jet is less versatile but if you prefer you can go that way. Eventual you want to have both imo. Don’t let equipment slow you down. You’ve got this! :+1:


Helped so much, i just did a siding job in 1/4th the time it took last time, it’s got me super excited HAHA


What changes made the difference? Congrats!

Chemicals for sure, i also bought a telescope 18 ft extension wand which made a huge differnece too, mixed bleach and oxyclean and just sprayed it and it came right off, no scrub brush no high pressure. Its amazing how big of a differnece it was

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Lol why the 18ft wand?

I use a 2 INCH wand…

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Admittedly the first thing I looked at before the word ‘softwash’ came about was to get a long wand for siding. Now I know better.

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I got suckered into getting a telecoping wand too, its almost worthless. I was like “yeah!” “Gonna put this baby to work” and instead it was a ton of work to keep steady and not bump the wall. I’m not certain if it was because I had a 2.5gpm machine or not.

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I couldn’t imagine one with a 4k/4g machine.

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Newbie here as well, here are some things I’ve learned and applied from this forum. One of the biggest time savers I invested in was a ball valve, and a good J-Rod setup. Buy a gun, add a 6" pipe nipple from big box store, Female QC on the tip. This is a handy house wash setup. I downstream a 10% SH and Elemonator mix. I use 5 gallon plastic drums for storage. I premix at home and drop in the tubing with PVC pipe for added weight as well. I like to fill a 5 gallon bucket up with water at the start of the job, comes in handy for dipping hands, hose ends or anything else that gets mucky. At the end of the job I drop my chem tubing in to rinse the DS setup (replace mucky water with clean).

J-Rod Part #5941 (4gpm)
3/8 Heavy Duty Ball Valve SKU: 6292

5 gallon Closed Top Plastic Drum PN S-19413

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I think everyone had a yellow noodle to start with. Mine was 12 ft. Still have it but now use a 7 ft extension if needed. After getting an Original shooter tip from Guy Blackmon I never use an extension unless it’s really windy that day with a 3 story house.

Some of the newbies have to get a M5DS tip. To me that’s probably the best accessory purchase I have. I save a ton of time with it being able to adjust the fan on the fly. J-rod only has 2 fan patterns so I rarely use it. They’re a little stiff to turn at first but once broken in they’re awesome.

Do you feel the X-jet M5 will save your pump/machine? I run a Dewalt 4 gpm triplex pump/ store bought/ Home Depot. This is just a side hustle for me. I do 2/3 houses a week for approx 5 months, I dont run it everyday.