Have you left SH on concrete?

anyone softwash cement and left it dry like a roofwash? what ya think?

Nobody turn the lights on or go to the door. If we are really quite, he may think no one is home and will just go away.


It’s called post treating.

true yes post treating but what i mean was does it hurt the concrete baking in the sun? also how many of you are post treating something and not telling the customer there is SH on the surface where they can walk on it bare foot, dogs or kids could be playing or walking on it .

I tell all customers I post-treat from the very first time we talk. It’s one of the simplest ways to differentiate from the $99 guy. I mean, after all, that’s the name of the game right? Anyone can clean but you have to make the prospect understand why you’re more valuable. Why should they choose you even if you cost a little more? A post-treatment to slow the return of contaminants is a great way to start that conversation. In fact, my closing line for residential flatwork is usually something like… And whoever you choose, even if it’s not our company, please make sure they post-treat your surfaces. That’s the best way to ensure you get the most value from a concrete cleaning service

If the customer is home when I do the work I remind them when I arrive and I tell them to stay off of the surfaces for an hour. I don’t honestly think it needs that much time but I’ve never had a complaint about the smell lol.

Oh but yeah it does kill dogs and kids. I don’t usually talk about it but it’s in the contract. :laughing: :muscle: :beers:

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It’s on y’all now.


I mean, it’s a valid question…I try to inform the customer that there will be a mild coating of bleach to brighten things up and suggest they wait until it dries before walking on it.

Just an FYI, when bleach dries it turns to salt…mostly.

Yes, its ok. No, don’t rinse it. And tell the customer it will stink for a couple hours and not to track it in.

Edit: obviously you tell them this in your own, presentable words.