Have you ever seen this type of roof?

I was told it was lapped shingle tin. I’ve seen Tin that looks like cedar shake (and stay off it) but never like this. The guy wants his roof blown and pressurewashed, but to be honest I’m afraid to even try stepping on it. He said he has been up there before and to just walk gently.

I told him I was going to talk to the pros about this because I am unsure with how to proceed. This is a new one for me. Just when I thought I’d seen it all :joy: :joy: :joy:

Y’all have any experience with this?

Man, I can tell you any metal roof with ANY slope will be like ice, the dust and dirt coats your shoe soles and turns them into hockey skates.

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Never seen that or even heard of it. Google your friend on this one.

Yessir. I always have a multiple pronged attack! So far I found this company based on Ohio by the name of

And have spoke with a rep there. She said she’s going to get back to me after she talks to some of the more senior staff so I’ll keep you all updated. I’m sure you’re all dying to know this obscure roof type and what’s recommended how to clean it. :laughing:

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Did the homeowner not know where they got it?

Not the original owner and not to be rude, but this guy is 3 days older than baseball and barely sentient.

I’m going to treat it as a metal roof and see how it goes if job is accepted. Will document of course.

You have two feet. Have you considered running from this?


If the price is right, I feel pretty comfortable soft washing this. The price WILL be right though :joy:


I mean hey, at least you have insurance (I think) lol