Have a 35 gallon buffer w/bypass? Willing to share some pics?


Would love to see the various ways people have plumbed their small buffer tanks.

I am ready to hook up mine for the 5.5gpm machine, and would love to see the options. Planning a Y splitter so I can run water into a bucket and having a drain as I don’t plan to drive with water in the tank.

Many thanks for anyone who is able to share a few pics of how you did it!





I had a bunch of stuff on how to and tips on setting this up bookmarked under my old account. It somehow got messed up so bad that tech support could not get into it, so I lost the bookmarks from about 60+ hours of surfing on here and tagging… and now all my stuff is here and I cannot remember all the tips on where to drill the hole in the tank, use this size not that, etc!!!

Hoping some visuals from you successful 35 gallon buffer tank folks will help me get it right the first time!

My Hannay’s came today!!! I might be more excited than when the actual pw arrived… they are soooo nice looking!



I’ll get you some video tomorrow. Use the least amount of pvc or rigid plumbing as possible


Thanks! I have a kit from Rex in Florida but I recall seeing some stuff about drilling the hole in the top in a certain spot to avoid, I think, a vaccum situation or something… really appreciate it.



Awesome, thanks a million.


Just curious how you deal with your water and buffer tank without using a float valve?


Gate valves at the truck. If it overflows it’s not the end of the world


Gotcha…I just didn’t know if the gpm would fluctuate enough from town to town to where it could keep the tank constantly overflowing. What got me wondering is we get about 12 gpm in our area. You’re also pulling from a hydrant but one thing I didn’t consider is you’re running multiple machines. I guess if you see a tank overflowing you know to tell your guys they better get to work and keep that trigger pulled.


IBS does that 90 you have coming out of the tank not affect anything? I’m about to set my buffer up this weekend and all I’ve heard is don’t use any 90’s on anything. For space constraints, a 90 elbow would greatly benefit me but I had axed that idea after reading on here.


For a feed line you’ll be fine. My machines pull thru it and uphill a few feet with no problems. I am a believer in one machine per bung hole though


Good to know, thanks man! I will only be running one 5.5gpm belt drive machine and both will be mounted to the floor of my trailer so no uphill unless I’m parked on a hill. Thanks again.