So I know we all talk about the best clothing such as shirts and pants and shoes. But I never really find a answer on THE BEST HAT to wear outside. Our head is always getting pounded with SH. I want to be able to have a nice hat that wont bleach out after the first time and I can put my logo on. What have you found to work the best.

This is what my son ended up with. It may not do a lot for marketing but I do like the protection that it offers.

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how did it hold up to Bleach?

He tells me that it held up really well. It’s not very stylish but it keeps the overspray at bay and the sun out of his face.
And best of all …we got paid for every single job he wore the hat on!!

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I use Columbia boonie hats, too.
They’re a little spotty but they keep the bleach and sun off of me.

Tilley hat here…

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Same here

Check out Real Deal Brazil hats. They are the toughest, coolest looking hats I’ve ever owned.

They look all ratty and worn out. I’ll admit they have some character. I have an old cowboy hat I have worn for years that I would never throw away, but I wouldn’t wear it on a job where a client would see it. Fine if you want to wear it fishing.

Ya I agree. What about baseball caps. Anyone wearing those. ?

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Not really.
My neck catches the worst of the sun (redneck, I know) so a full brim hat is the ticket.
Plus the crown is ventilated so it’s a little cooler.

I heard baseball caps will make you bald.
Can you confirm or deny?

I did wear a lot of hats in high school hahah.

Here is a full brim canvas hat that we could put your logo on. With it being canvas it will hold up well against the sh

Cant see it on an iPhone.
It requires Flash.

Here is a picture of the hat. It comes in white with blue inside or white/white

canvas is cotton, the SH will eat right through it. Not to many other choices out there thou… I am looking for a summer fedora style hat. I have a winter one but I will melt in the summer with this thing.

Ive been wearing a canvas hat for 2 years. No problem with the sh eating through it.

I’m in the process of getting a PWRA store set up at Queensboro for guys who want to order logo wear and items without having to make a large order. I’ll post the info as soon as I buy some stuff and make sure the logo is right. They offer a bunch of different hats.

For any member who wants to order from Clark and Logomotive, let me know.
Clark, if you have any ideas give me a holler.

I use flex fit pro mesh hats and they hold up pretty well!