Hatch is now NiceJob


Hatch has changed names to NiceJob. :thumbsup: That’s it, just wanted to let everyone know.

Oh. and we have a new site and a whole swack of new features that make it super easy to win lots of reviews and make sure they’re seen by lots of people. Come by for a visit at get.NiceJob.co.

All the best from the team at NiceJob!

PS. NiceJob now integrates with ANY website, Wordpress, Wix, Squarespace, made in your basement… you name it.

PPS. There’s now also a 30 day free trial, no CC needed.

Hi Lars, does nice job aggregate your reviews to Google, Facebook, etc? Or is a stand alone program?

I never heard of hatch, even as a consumer. How many other potential customers actually use this?

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We have partnered with Nicejob for a few years now. They have a quality product that many WCRA/PWRA members use. :grinning:

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Thanks @JessicaPWR! Is there a discount for dues paying members? Does it aggregate reviews to multiple sites? I tried to schedule a demo/call today and got an error message.

There is a discount for members!

For their reviews software, members can get a $50 free credit towards any NiceJob plan. Their reviews software is top notch and we do use it. You can set up automated emails and/or text messages that prompt customers to leave reviews through Google, Facebook, etc. then push those reviews to your site or whatever platform you prefer.

They also do awesome websites too. They built this fictitious website for us which is pretty slick. If you upgrade to a Convert website, members get a $100 free credit towards their Convert website.

Hope that helps!

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