Has anyone dealt with Ramteq in Texas? I like them!


I bought a used Tandem trailer with a Ramteq CH1600 series 4.8gpm 3000 psi unit a couple months ago with the knowledge that the relay in the control box was bad (it was also missing and the box was just full of wires). I called Ramteq headquarters in Texas a couple days ago and left a message with Jack or Jake (can’t remember his name dangit!) The guy called me after their work hours and walked me through my schematics for my unit to find out that I needed a relay and a rectifier and was able to order the parts over the phone. He offered to walk me through the installation and troubleshot any other issues once they arrived this Monday. I have dealt with other vendors recently that have pretty crummy customer service and this one made me feel loyal. I have some potential commercial jobs coming up in the spring and need hot water ASAP. Hoping that this is all I need!


I’ve never dealt with them but it’s nice dealing with people that know what they’re talking about and can help you when you have issues. I called Hydrotek once and was connected to a lady who had no clue about their machines. I’m pretty sure she just worked in a call center and has never seen one in person. Luckily I went with Landa. It was substantially more but has over twice the coil and the local distributor can work on them with his eyes closed.


LOL… I think I talked to the same lady… bless her heart. I explained what I needed help with and she had no clue what I needed so she quickly transferred me.


Hydrotek usually refers you to a local distributor for technical help.


I understand but she was trying to sell me a machine that she knew nothing about. I was close to buying it but I had a few questions about the burner and how much coil it had. I’m not trying to bash them it was just that one experience. I’m sure there are distributors that know all about them as well.