Has anyone bought the "automate grow sell" course by Joshua Latimer?

I ran across this course and has heard a few of Joshuas podcasts. It is quite expensive but seems like it could be helpful to scale up. I just wanted to see if anyone here has any feedback about the course.

If you have the $$ go for it!!

But honestly I’ve taken so much info from all of his podcast (a lot of it I haven’t implemented yet) that I have not bought the course yet.

I think I’m going to attend his AGS event at his home next year though. Met him in Atlanta, super nice guy.

I would listen to all like 200 podcast though before buying it


Are you the kind of person who can take an idea from concept to implementation? Not everyone can. If you are then the course will probably be of great value to you but if not then it will be another binder on your shelf.

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Have you taken the course? It would be nice to have a blueprint of the proper steps to scale up quickly if that is what the course shows.

No I haven’t taken it but I also have done a lot of reading and research regarding hiring, training and retaining quality employees. For 500 bucks though, I don’t see how you can go wrong if, as I said you are confident you can implement the concepts.

I have found the problem with most training material is not the material but rather that people see the concepts presented and then the “yeah but” monster rears it’s ugly head. For instance if the course material says something like “change your voicemail to an advertisement for your website online booking and don’t answer the phone.” Most people will say “yeah, but…” and then they never actually implement the concepts to truly test them.