Has anyone advertised on Facebook?

I found a cool little feature on facebook a few months ago. Some of you might have already tried it, maybe not.

If you log on to your normal every-day facebook account, you have the ability to “Create page”. You can create and set-up your own power washing business facebook page for free. After you create that business facebook, add a bunch of pictures of your work, and make any other modifications you think would be beneficial, you have the ability to invite all of your normal facebook friends to “like” it. Some of them will “like” it. Many will not… but what I thought was really cool about having that business page is you have the ability to promote it and target specific groups of people.

Lets say you made a facebook post from your business page “Hey everyone this week I’m offering %10 off all residential power washes!” and included a before/after picture of maybe some really good work you did to a house or deck or whatever… you then have the ability to “boost” that post. you can pay like $30 - $however much you want to pay so that facebook advertises to whatever target group you decide you want to advertise to (men and women between the ages 25-70 in St. JoeBlow, Michigan) or whatever.

You can also just spend $XX amount of money just “buying” facebook likes. The cool think about getting random facebook likes from people in your general area is that if they like your page, every time you make a post about what you’re doing or including an awesome before/after picture of whatever you just did, it goes across their news feed.

Again, I dont know if anyone here has tried setting up a facebook page for their business yet or has tried buying facebook likes or paying to “boost” posts… but it is definitely something I plan on trying.

If anyone has already done it, it would be interesting to know how successful it was.

If anyone else has questions about it or how it works dont hesitate to send me a facebook msg. My name is below. I have done it before promoting something completely unrelated to power washing and it was fairly successful and inexpensive for what I was trying to accomplish.

I love using this. One hit pays for the ad plus. Use good before and after and maybe a catchy post.

Bo Thomas
Clean Rite

Spent about $900 and got about $900 of work. I don’t like working for free.

a fellow who made my web site told me get on Face book open you up a buizzness page. Any pictures you put on there will go to your web site.
They do… and that’s all FREE on there…I send my page out to my friends and any body out there…
Go David McGough now im a newbie on there don’t know to much about it…

How can you NOT EDIT a post to add this…

This is my Facebook page and my reg page is also on it.

Every time I spend $20, I land at least a few hundred dollars worth of work.

I love it! Its much cheaper than most other marketing and who isn’t on Facebook? Its a huge platform with all sorts of different people. I posted a time lapse video to my business page of me washing some vinyl siding and got calls from people wanting me to wash their homes because they saw how easy i made it look. Its all about how you use it. I think total I have spent around $50 which goes a long way and I’ve pulled about 5 jobs from it.

Most awesome thing about it is that you can target specifically who your looking to market to. (age, gender, location, cell phone, desktop) Cant beat it for now. Hopefully the cost per click stays low. Its all branding and getting your logo seen and your company in people’s minds. they might see the ad and ignore it but when they are ready to wash their home or business they’ll remember you.

I booked a job yesterday and the lady said she found me because her friend liked my page. That just goes to show how effective and far reaching it is, she didn’t even click my ad, she just saw someone who did.

Facebook has been great for us. I like that you can target exactly who you want to target.

I have in the past and gotten some good work off of it. I am currently working on sending out a flurry of EDDM and have been thinking about doing facebook advertising as well next week.

Tried it twice, got a few jobs from it.

$60 ad thus week booked us a little under 900.

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Facebook ads work as long as you have the right bait,eddm works everything works as long as you ahve the right bait