Has any one ever done (tv) digital marketing


has anyone tried this form of advertising yet. its about two different digital marketers in my areas that put TVs in different businesses like salons, gyms, shops, doctors offices and they show other business ads in the area 24hrs a day. they charge about a hundred a month but the exposure would be massive has any ever tried this?? any input would be great


Please understand I’m not one to give advice on marketing. But, my observations of people in general is that they sit with their phone in their face and wouldn’t look up at a tv


Lol you crack me up with some of your comments you seem so anti marketing I guess that’s what I mean to say. But exactly how did you go about getting your name out when you started. Today you have so many different forms of advertising that it seems just traditional word of mouth and door to door sales isn’t enough


I knocked on a lot of doors, karma, prayers and hustling. Search HOA pools in this forum. That should give you a kick start.


I dont agree with Innocent on a lot of things, but hes not wrong on this one.
Just think about the last time you called a service company while sitting in a office. One thing to note is that this type of add would not be a direct sales piece, but more of a branding piece. So hopefully when they do need your service they remember you.
A hundred isnt bad, and definitely better than a billboard in terms of cost but i would spend that 100 on other things


The bulk of those TV’s are in gyms, like Gold’s and LA Fitness. Most of the women in those gyms are too busy taking selfies at the squat rack, and all the guys are too busy watching said girls at the squat rack lol!


Your family and friends will be excited for you when they see your ads.

Other then that you’ll see no ROI


It’s a hundred a month. Throw a couple hundred at it. If it sticks run with it. If not, small loss.


I would do it just for brand awareness, but this wound have to be in conjunction with a few other marketing methods. But wouldn’t expect any sales from the tv ad itself


Take that money & use it on adwords or invest in SEO, I wouldn’t advise you to run tv ads.