Hardscap add on service

Hello all I wanted to put this out there. I have found that there are not many people doing this and I’m making a ton of money doing this easy add on service. So what is it ? Well we all wash pavers brick and cobble stone every day well y are we not fixing what’s wrong with them. If the joints are open in the pavers and ext then there could be damage done to the under lay of the footing from water and up north this is a big problem with the paves being lifted and becoming uneven our dropping down a few inches. When I wash these kind of surffices I’m looking for any place that could be open and joints that is open. If I see this I up sell the customer to a resanding and sealing service. I use a special sand called polymeric stone dust this sand when put in the joints and then a little water is sprayed over the sand it hardens like concrete this stops and weeds or bugs from coming up the joints also stops water From going under the stone and washing out the stone or pavers. Then we follow up with a sealing of the paves and joints. Don’t use stone dust or sand it will not last and it will also fail. If you would like to learn how to sell the service and how it’s done the right way let me know I’m working on a how to video soon and would be more then happy to show you how.

Regular sand works if you use Seal n Lock, right?

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I have never used seal and lock so im not sure. But I know I have done a lot of rework because people using sand. I my self will never use just sand and I have never had to go back and fix any of my work


I’ve used the polymeric sand, too and it works great. Good idea for an add-on,