Hard Water Stains on Red Brick

Hey Everyone! I know I don’t have my signature set up just yet – I’m currently rushing to get this figured out before Friday. Any help would be appreciated!

A potential client is asking if I’ll be able to get hard water stains out of his red/brown brick (see below pics…his screenshots, not mind & not my price). Any recommendations? It looks like it’s caused from his irrigation system. Would F9 do the trick?

Thanks in advance everyone!!

ProWash Cleaning Services

This should do it, use the search bar too. Great info on here.


Thanks for the quick reply @Kentucky1234
I was leaning toward F9 based on what I’ve read…just haven’t used it before.

Good stuff, a little pricey but works. I use OneRestore too.

Is Efflorescence or calcium the same as a “hard water stain” ? I don’t think so but honestly I don’t know. What I do know is that the product posted above will fix that white stain on the brick :+1:. I have some and works great.

Hard water stains are usually from deposits of magnesium and calcium, efflorescence is crystalline deposit of salts that have been carried out to the surface by water it’s not left from the water itself.


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