Hard water stains black vinyl privacy fence

Does anyone have tips for removing hard water stains from a black vinyl privacy fence.
Any knowledge or comment is appreciated.

I’d probably just try house wash mix. You might have to do a final rinse with pure water so they don’t return. I’m not sure if oxalic will work but might be worth trying if sh doesn’t do it. I’m just thinking more along the lines of mineral content so maybe it will.

Thank you!
Very much appreciated :+1:

Did you put the hard water stains on the fence

No. Sprinkler system. Black vinyl fence. Shows everything.


If it’s from the sprinklers the spots are just going to come right back. I’d be sure to let them know or they’ll blame you when they do. I guess if you live where people no longer irrigate towards the end of the growing season you’ll be okay. If you live down south I just don’t see the point of cleaning it unless they’re going to prevent it from happening.