Hard water runoff

Hi ! I have a question for the roof experts, I haven’t done any roof washing yet, since where I leave is pretty dry so we don’t have problem with mold and algea. My question is: what can I use to remove hard water stains from roof? I have a couple of neighbors asking me this question, a lot of houses here have a swamp cooler in the top of their roof and those use water to cool off the house, the problem is that when they leak cause this ugly white stains on the roof ( I try to get some pics here, if I can figure out how.

I would try One Restore first. It works great on most hard water stains on glass and brick.

Front 9 BARC might be an option, too.

One restore works great. It will also suck the color right out of the shingle granules.

Don’t forget to pre-wet!

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Well, you caught me assuming, Tim!
I thought that most roofs out there were tile and didn’t preface my comment.

I shouldn’t be allowed to post BC.

posting bad info. Is it possible to ban you?

OR on a roof can be a profitable thing. Just manage the bleaching eaffect.

Or at least restrict any posting Before Coffee.

To the OP- what kind of roof is it?

(Almost messed up again. Spell correct gave me “what kind of roof idiot?”)