Harbor Freight 670 motor 8gpm?!?!?

Has anyone tried to put an 8 gpm pump on one of these things? I’m honestly considering it for the price of this motor and an 8 gallon pump compared to a new Honda gx unit.

Junk its been done its junk and wont last,

Thanks I was wondering why there was such a drastic price difference

If you look at the reviews, they are excellent, people hate if you don’t run a Honda. Twisted thinking.

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That’s what I would think, I’m gonna try it out I’ll let you guys know the results after a good test

Wow, you arent kidding about the reviews. Ive went through about half of them, and they are all 5 stars. One guy swapped it for a GX670 and said it works great. One said he has been using it on a 9gpm pressure washer system for 2 years. One said he built an 8gpm machine with it. One guy said he bought a 6.5 HP predator to power a 3000 psi belt driven pump, and it has been going strong for 5 years.

$560 after coupon is nice. If you try it out Bardos, make sure to report back… sounds promising, especially if money is tight.

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I stopped by HF today to pick up stain brushes. They are having a big sale over Labor Day and will have a 20% off coupon available so you might save even more.

So… did you get the setup