Happy Friday Gentlemen

My brothers ride. It’s just got stickers on it for the survival gear business. He has always liked and driven Jeeps. I told him it was just a fancy Fiat now.

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Dang. That website is like a compulsive prepper’s casino. So many cool things

Buy a ton. The more bracelets sold and trash cans emptied, the less washing I gotta do lol


Those little handcuff keys are awesome, I have one of those and a set of bagota picks that have come in handy a few times.

Oh, no sir. You’re not getting off that easily. We need you to stay hooked up 24/7 otherwise you’ll scare away all the newbies and we won’t have a chance to have our fun with them first.

My oldest son had a jeep a few years ago, I personally didn’t like the way it drove.

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They don’t drive nice. They weren’t exactly designed with comfort in mind. One of my hobbies is to ask the guys with tricked out Jeeps where they go for off roading and watch them try to explain how they don’t go off roading lol

That a Scout?

Scout 2

Pretty cool. Don’t see a lot of those around. What’s different on the 2?

Wheel base mostly

You sure were quiet over the weekend Garry.


I see. Are you going to paint it? Primer black isn’t doing it justice. I vote paint it white

No that truck was built to drive in the woods and dump in mud holes

So camo then? Mossy Oak Breakup comes in a can nowadays lol

Maybe one day. But that would be way down on the priority list. Just to many projects. Some need to be finished and some I haven’t even started. And it looks like I’m going to buy another truck so that build will take priority this winter.

The fam went to halloween horror nights, still recovering. Park closed at 2, we got home at about 5am. Really fun time.

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Sorry I didn’t see this before. Fat chance lol

I’ve been down since friday with stomach pain. Ended up in the er today to find out I have gaulstones. May end up having it removed.

Can’t keep food or water down more than an hour.


Get better Dude.
But I’m sure that your wife will enjoy and do a better job snow plowing in that new pickup of yours this winter. Hope that helps @SchertzServicesLLC. So no worries mate.