Hanover Insurance

About an 18% increase on my yearly premium. What rate increases are you guys seeing or maybe better question, who is your carrier?

I saw a 100% increase. Unable to find anything cheaper. I’m using Gaslamp.

Roughly 15-20%, Erie.

13% increase for liability and 32% for commercial auto.

That’s interesting. I use them as well and my insurance went up about 100 bucks for the year compared to last.

I think someone messed up with the previous insurance I had. I was paying about $6-700/year, now I’m paying about $1,200.

In retrospect, if the policy was messed up and I had to file a claim, I might have been in deep sneakers…

deep sneakers, been around awhile, never heard that one.

Not sure where I heard that, I’m 62 might have been gramps, Coast Guard.

Wow. Mine is 2442$ :sob:

Holy geez! But you live in paradise! I asked about climbing on roofs and it was about $1k more a year - not sure if you have that coverage. Mine is “from the ladder only coverage”. I just did two roofs this week, business is starting to pick up for me with very little marketing. I’m fortunate being in a new area and all.

I got a small hike $15 per month or so, but my commercial auto nearly doubled !

I had a similar experience. Was written under the wrong class code for 8 years. Luckily nothing stupid happened in that time. There is, however, pending litigation from my end because of misrepresentation and a handful of other shady practices. by that provider.

I switched up to a new policy and immediately had our guys get into two at fault accidents and our first WC claim. My guy got up on a roof and was swarmed by yellowjackets and jumped off.

My policy is up in July. I’m legit afraid to see what my premiums are going to be next term. We’re already paying $25k a year for GL/Auto/WC

Are you referring to the janitorial wc class code you guys were in?

I DO have the walking on roofs on there. That explains it. With me being a one man band I feel like walking the roof hive me much less over spray and less killing stuff that shouldn’t be killed :joy:

Man - you are lucky nothing happened during those 8 years. After a WC claim, rates do go up - I’ve heard double from some but don’t have any employees so don’t have personal knowledge.

I’ll keep my fingers crossed for you on the rates - these companies are making waaaay too much money!

I guess it comes down to killing either way, your wallet or some plants :joy:

I’ll just keep overwatering and take my chances with the plants. I hate paying for insurance!

Good luck - I try to never get on a roof regardless of the pitch.

Not sure what you are referring to - I took it to mean workers compensation insurance.

He can reply for himself, but my take is being insured under the proper coding, which is:

NAICS 561790 - 561790 - Other Services to Buildings and Dwellings

This industry comprises establishments primarily engaged in providing services to buildings and dwellings (except exterminating and pest control; janitorial; landscaping care and maintenance; and carpet and upholstery cleaning).

Illustrative Examples:

Building exterior cleaning services (except sandblasting, window cleaning)
Swimming pool cleaning and maintenance services
Chimney cleaning services
Ventilation duct cleaning services
Drain or gutter cleaning services

Seems that too often PWing companies are incorrectly “insured” under the incorrect codes, so, ultimately, they are not actually insured at all. Examples: Indoor cleaning/maintenance services, janitorial services, etc.

FWIW: https://youtu.be/CF3Bo6SGfAk?t=311

Cross-References. Establishments primarily engaged in

Providing exterminating and pest control services–are classified in Industry 561710, Exterminating and Pest Control Services;
Providing janitorial services–are classified in Industry 561720, Janitorial Services;
Providing landscaping care and maintenance–are classified in Industry 561730, Landscaping Services;
Providing carpet and upholstery cleaning services–are classified in Industry 561740, Carpet and Upholstery Cleaning Services; and
Sandblasting building exteriors–are classified in Industry 238990, All Other Specialty Trade Contractors.

Make sure whoever you use has you coded properly. :+1: