Hannay Reels leaking, is it fixable?

Did you get anywhere with Hannay or have any success?

I called and never got to talk to anyone. Going to try again today.

The Hannay rep said it sounds like pin hole leak in the pipe that the riser is welded on. I sent him the YouTube video above so he diagnose it. He said if it is, he will send me a new riser but I have to purchase it. He will refund the payment when he gets the old one back. Cost $95.
He will not do the same for the entire “drum” with the parts inside including the drum walls and sprocket like @TexasPressureWashing replaced on his. I tried to talk him into it but he wasn’t having it. He said it’s not hard to replace the riser and started to get aggravated when I asked questions on issues with taking it apart.

I’ve got some old drums. I’ll make you a video on how to do it this weekend if you like. It would definitely have been easier to replace the whole drum like Texas did, but you ain’t getting that for $90 lol. You might be able to put some air to, find the pin hole and just spot weld it thru the opening.


The riser is what we normally replace. He just used the drum because we had a spare. The riser takes 30 minutes.

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So, this was just a misspeak?

Sorry, I made a promise I wouldn’t reply to you and I just broke that. Apologies to Alex.

I will take any advice or videos to help me replace the riser. It’s in the middle of my hose reel stack to make it a little more annoying.

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I’ll go in early tomorrow and do it. You gotta pull that reel out unfortunately

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Thank you William

So the rep for Hannay is asking if I run bleach through my reels based on the corrosion they see in the video. They said they warranty won’t cover any damage from any “non-compatible fluid”. The reel I have is a carbon steel hub and riser. If I send the riser back and they believe I ran bleach or non-compatible fluid through it they won’t reimburse me under the warranty.

@Innocentbystander I don’t need a video now because I am not replacing the hub and riser with another Hannay part that won’t last. I’ll buy another reel from another manufacture that will last longer. I am severely disappointed with their build quality. I had cheap $180 reels last 7 years with no leaks.

Their e-mail response to me in case anyone needs it for future questions on this topic:

This is our standard reel model, with a carbon steel hub and riser assembly, as well as the standard nickel-plated carbon steel inlet swivel joint. These components are perfectly acceptable when air or plain water are being run through them - but any type of corrosive solution (water mixed with chlorine, detergents, acids, etc.) are not recommended to be used with carbon-steel components and are not covered under the warranty for the standard carbon steel fluid path components. Based on your video, the hub, riser and swivel joint connection are also extremely rusty, another indication that some liquid other than water is being applied. Based on our extensive experience, this is atypical of a reel that is less than two years old; and the solution has more than likely corroded the pipe hub steel and this is where the leak is occurring inside the drum.

At the very least, a stainless steel fluid path (hub assembly and inlet swivel joint) should be used with these solutions – and even then, these solutions will have an impact on the stainless steel over time and shorten its life expectancy.

That said, we can offer the following solutions for consideration:

You can return the entire reel for a QA evaluation – we’ll go over the entire reel, and advise what the issues are. We can determine what part(s) may be necessary to be replaced and let you know that those parts are (and if they are still warrantied), their prices, and any required labor charges to install parts and refurbish, if applicable / requested.

As we discussed, you may order a replacement hub assembly (and any other parts you may feel are necessary) and make the necessary installation/repairs yourself. The reel drawing is attached here to show the parts and how they are assembled together: https://www.hannay.com/public/downloads/parts-drawings/ISO_90.pdf?v=1655928002

We would require for the defective hub assembly, and any additional parts, to be returned for our warranty evaluation process. We would cover for these to be brought back on our UPS account. If it’s determined it is indeed a manufacturing defect, and not caused by non-compatible fluids, we will reimburse you for the cost of the parts and shipping charges.

As I mentioned, it requires only a few basic hand tools/wrenches and some time to disassemble / re-assemble these reels and parts. Additionally, you may wish to consider a stainless steel hub assembly and a stainless steel swivel joint (instead of the carbon steel versions) for additional longevity with the current solutions being run through the reel.

Again, based on what we can see and evaluate through your video, we feel that the solution(s) being run through the reel have caused the premature degradation of the internal fluid path components. We’re happy to assist you the best we can, so that you can get this reel back up and running, but have to also be realistic in determining what the causes are for the current issues and how to resolve that.

So, that’s a bunch of baloney. Bleach didn’t have anything to do with it. Send me your address and the model of your reel and you’ll have a riser in a few days. I’m going to forward your email to my landa guy and let him raise Cain. You won’t need to send the old one back. Just post some close up pics of where the leak is.

Thank you William! I am currently writing a not so nice e-mail about their reel’s reliability. Obviously they are not the same build quality anymore and I am going to make it known on FB and this forum. Doubt this guy will care but I can’t let them get away with selling crap.

I really think you just have a pin hole. Stuff happens but they aren’t handling it well. Send me your address and reel info and one will be shipped tomorrow

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