Hanging ladder in enclosed trailer

I’m looking for suggestions on hanging my 24’ ladder from the ceiling in the 7x14’ trailer. I had it on the wall but I’m stacking a third reel for my 12v system and it will no longer fit. I’m just looking for any suggestions regarding any products or material best suited for this job. My first thought was some all thread and plates but I’m sure there are better options. Thanks

I’d just use some eyebolts, husky Velcro strap on one end to keep one end up while I used a ratchet strap on the other end.

Or just use 14/3 wire like twist ties to hold it to the eyebolt. A 24’ aluminum ladder isn’t too heavy for 4 of them through eyebolts.

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100# load capacity. You can find them at home depot.

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I mounted mine on the outside off my enclosed trailer. A lot easier to get on and off the trailer.


I bolted two of these brackets together in a U shape and mounted them to the outside of the trailer.


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Agreed, I see a lot of people around here mounting them to the outside.

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Thanks everyone for the suggestions. I decided to go with a hybrid of the suggestions.

I have some brackets on one end to slide it into, and will use the straps on the other end. I didn’t even get to it today. I got side tracked on building a platform for my 12v pump to be wall mounted on. I always get side tracked on something. This trailer will never be how I want it. It’s always something. Winter is here, and I don’t see anything slowing down. It’s my first winter here in Louisiana. I was kinda nervous but so far so good. I’ll post some pics for future searches when it’s installs.

Thanks guys


I see that a lot as well but I haven’t put any holes in the shell of this trailer and I’m gonna try to keep it that way. I rarely use the ladder so I don’t mind the extra work. I’m getting my trailer wrapped soon so the ladder would mess up the signage.

In a year or two I plan on moving everything into a box truck and sell the 7x14.

Seems awkward to finagle it into a bracket with all the stuff in the way. Why don’t you add a few 2x4 beams near the ceiling and then you can slide it right in on top? Stick all your long stuff up there and lash stuff below. And no holes in the trailer. If you prefer to keep the head room, then it doesn’t have to go all the way across. I don’t have a trailer, but that’s what we did when I worked for the carnival.