Handy Site these days if you live on the East Coast

This is a handy site I found the other day - It’s a NY times interactive smoke map. So we can see how much the Canadians sticking it to us, LOL. Actually it seems like the worse days it helps block the sun, so not quite as hot.

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Thanks Rick. My eyes were irritated all day the other day from @PMG smoke :smiley: J/K.

It was sitting on the mountains for like 12 hours and wouldn’t move off, it was actually kind of dark that day at noon.

Oh yeah don’t mind me i just burned some toast.

Man I’ve had breathing issues here in KY when a slug of that crap came our way last week. We were paddling down a river and I got a snap of the Sun.

That’s surprising to me as i actually live in Québec and neither myself nor anyone i know have had breathing issues from the smoke. Maybe for some people that have preexisting conditions?

I had covid last August, haven’t been the same since. I can’t even muster the energy to ride my MTB any more, which is depressing.

I’m sorry to read that. I pray you recover fully.

Ironically, the same map can be used to track Willie Nelson’s tour bus.

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Look at the map, most of it coming south before it gets to Quebec

Ah ok, i understand better now.

Between SH mist and smoke, it’s been tough on my eyes. I’ve seen from some of your other posts you’re a PA guy. I’m in South Central, around Harrisburg, where are you located??

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