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Does anyone set up the outlet side of their trigger gun with a quick connect to change between lances and wash with their nozzles and a jrod? Just curious. I have thought about it then never did it. At 6’3" I am not the tallest of folks but certainly my back could use a little help here and there and even for the short 15 ft tall houses that I do not need the full reach of a lance.

That’s how I do it. I very rarely use a wand.

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I use a 6" nipple and a quick connect for tips.

6" nipple? What does said nipple look like Thad?

That’s how ours is setup. QC for wands, nozzles, surface machine. Easy easy!

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Sorry I missed this. I hope you didn’t Google “6 inch nipple” trying to get an example!


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Four inch.

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I tried that. I had problems hitting the peaks of 2 story homes about 28ft high. 5.5 machine. Could that be the reason. With the 3ft wand I have 0 problems.

John Devine. allwashedupny.com

No worries Thad… I had the feeling it was a piece of brass. I agree John, that is my thought as well. I think I will make one up for the spring as with the smaller houses and single story homes the 3 ft lance is not needed. I know Mike K. Uses a 18-24 inch lance on his gun.

I do up to three stories with that setup.
You’ll love not dealing with the lance.

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Are you saying you use QC’s on the nozzle side of a surface cleaner or the inlet side?

Gun has female QC, wands, surface cleaner, and J-rods all are male QC.

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Mine is 12 inches. You need to straighten out that water after the gun. Shoots better/farther than if it was just coming right out of the gun.

I rarely need a wand, shooter tip is all I need.

Which tips would you use for soap high and rinse high?

With my 8 gallon Pressure Pro I use a 0060 straight from trigger gun for soaping and rinsing. If you have a a 5.5 or 4 gallon I would probably think a 0040 would be good.

Where do you get your 12" wands?

Fresh Look Pressure Washing

I saw one called the Ladder Saver, I thought it was kind of pricy, wonder if you could make your own with a threaded pipe of the same size with a connector and nipple. The one I saw was like $56.00. Just do a search for Ladder Saver.

12 inch Lance can be got from Russ at Southside.

Never buy a Ladder Saver. That guy needs to go out of business for the way he pitches his over priced piece of metal. It won’t shoot any further than a 0050 tip.

Thank you Michael.