GX690 muffler worth the change?

Been reading on this, still on the fence about switching. Any advice? worth it?



Is your old muffler bad. What are you hoping to gain

I’ve just been reading a lot about people bashing that silver muffler and that sellers cheap out using it. I have no knowledge why or if its true. Why did Honda use both?

Honda doesn’t use both. Pressure pro buys the cheap non oem mufflers that are only held on by 4 stud bolts, no heat shield and a loss if 1.25 horsepower in back flow pressure. Night and day difference between the two.


How about for a 630?

I would always go with what was designed specifically for Honda.

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If I upgrade my pump at some point I’ll probably have to get an OEM muffler. Right now the 5.5 that’s on there is under stressing the motor at 17hp.

Excellent point. Ill order one.

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They come left or right. Make sure you get the right one. They will last thru two motors.

Oh wow that may be worth it. @Innocentbystander I’m assuming those numbers are from the 690

Under stressing?

Yes. I have one 670 but they are all the same except for carburetion

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Reviving this thread because the heat shield of the cheap-o muffler that came on my GX690 took a ride down the interstate today (apart from the rest of thee assembly, which is still firmly attached to the engine), so I’m upgrading to a quality muffler.

One question: Do I need to order any kind of gaskets or anything? Also, does anyone have any tips to make the removal/reinstall go more smoothly?

Don’t need anything that doesn’t come with the muffler. Soak studs with PB Blaster over night at least. Heat them before you even try to back them out. Those suckers will snap in a heart beat and they are a pain to drill out. PB Blaster well be your best friend.


Thanks for the info! I thought I remembered you having trouble with the studs a couple of years ago, but couldn’t find the thread.

I will just buy another machine before I try to get more that one exhaust bolt out again. What a pain


That’s not encouraging! LOL

@Innocentbystander Do the studs have to come out? The muffler I have now is secured to the studs with nuts. Will the new muffler not use the same studs?

It will if you can get the nut off without snapping the stud. That was my problem

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That makes sense…The stud doesn’t look too well, but I’m being hopeful.