GX690 Governor issue / High revving

I just pulled up for a night of truck washing with two guys on the clock and one of my machines sounds like it’s turbo charged. Rpms are really high I think. It was misfiring last week so this morning I changed the oil and put new spark plugs in. Tested it and it ran fine. Problem just started when I got out to the job site.

So far I tried putting the old spark plugs back in but that did nothing.

Any ideas of something I can do to fix it in the field?

Honda? Probably the governor

Yeah gx690.

Governor. About 5 hour repair. Take pics as you go so it goes back right

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Shoot. Can I run the machine for a day like that without hurting it?

Probably not a good idea. These machines are meant to run in a certain rpm range. No more no less.

I’m giving a diagnosis based on written words. I may be wrong, but probably not. If it’s the governor you probably aren’t going to get a days work out of it.

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I’m not gonna risk it. Will just have the guys take turns lol and I’ll take it into a shop tomorrow. Thanks for the advice.

Sorry to hear that man. Hope you get it back up and running soon @pressureguy

The shop I took it to said the governor is completely shot and recommend that I get a new engine. They don’t offer a rebuild. Engine has 1500 hours on it. Does that sound right or should I take it to a different shop?

Gx690 ?

Yes it is.

Part of a used Hydrotek 8gpm hot water skid I just bought a month ago so I’m pretty upset.

I write all my oil changes and major repairs on my machines with a sharpie. I know that I replaced the governor on one with about 1500 hours and it has about 2300 now. Find a better mechanic or do it your self. If I did it in 5 hours, a technician should do it in three. $270 labor plus parts

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The only plus side is I called it on the governor lol. YouTube will be your friend if u do it yourself

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I second finding a new technician or do it yourself. With that said the governor controls your throttle position to keep your engine within the recommended rpm range. You could always buy yourself a Hardline tach/hr meter and set your throttle manually to the recommended rpm range and call it a day.

The governor also increases your rpm under load so this may not work.

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Not sure if I can do this since there’s no throttle lever.

Going to try and call every shop in an hour radius tomorrow and see if they can do an emergency service. Pretty upset that my machine sat in the shop for two days only for them to tell me they can’t fix it. I figured it was taking so long because they were working on it.

Dude I hate that. Nobody gives a flying crap anymore about even remotely trying to do a good job and honor there craft/business