GX630 Gas in air intake

Having an issue with a 5.5gpm machine. Its older but still has a GX630. This machine was part of a trailer build I bought and cannibalized. I am trying to get it running but everytime I try to start the machine, it pours gas into the air intake. I did get it to start a couple times but only ran for 5-10 seconds (puffing lots of white smoke) then dies.

Video of it here

It needs a carb rebuilb. Float or needle is stuck allowing it to overflow.

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I cleaned the carb this morning and the the float was moving easily. As for the needle, which part is that? Im not the best with small engines but am trying to learn so i can do my own repairs.

The needle is under the float basically. There is a small o ring that the needle will sit on to close everything off.

Oh gotcha. Im going to take the carb off again and go through it. Ill let yall know how it goes.

Is this the needle ?

Cleaning won’t always fix a carb. Make sure you float doesn’t have any cracks or holes. You can hold it under water in a cup of water for a bit to check.

The needle should look something like this. The rubber on the tip gets worn down and usually needs replaced. You should order a carb kit and rebuild it.

The float will sometimes get a pinhole and fill up with gas, making it too heavy to “float” and close the inlet.

I tore it apart and cleaned it all again. It still is doing it. Will order a rebuild kit for it. I may just order a new carb. They seem to be about $100.

Only get a Honda carb. You might save with an Amazon knock off, but only initially.

Shake the float to see if gas in it.
Also if needle and float arent put back correctly, it will also let it too much fuel.

Get a new OEM carb

Take it to a small engine shop or a motorcycle dealership and they may have a rebuild kit. It shouldn’t be more than $20.