GX390 starting amps?

Does anyone know how much current an electric starter will pull on a gx390 machine?

I bought this aftermarket starter for my pressure pro, and I’ll be wiring it to my vehicle’s electrical system. https://www.amazon.com/gp/aw/d/B01CK2ZPCI/ref=yo_ii_img?ie=UTF8&psc=1

I have a beefy deep cycle marine for my starting battery (I run my WFP pump off it) so I’m not worried about taxing it. I’d just like to know what size fuse to install for the starting circuit.

I’m running 1/0 gauge wire from the battery to the rear of the car (where I’ll also be installing a high-wattage inverter, eventually), and then 6 gauge wire from a “Battery Quick Connect/Disconnect Wire Harness Plug Connector” under the car to the trailer. With this amount of overkill in wiring, I could probably even run a 5gpm roof pump off the circuit, if I wanted to.

BTW, anyone looking for a starter for their gx390, Don’t get this one. The starter motor doesn’t fit in the knockout, and I had to bore out the hole another 3mm. Then I had to relocate the solenoid because the pump was in the way. Had to bend the lower mount on the control box, as well. Real pain in the neck.

I promise this is my last cross-post, @Tim4, lol.

The owners manual says use a 12 volt battery with an AH rating of at least 18. But it doesnt say much about what fuse type to use.

You could always wire it without a fuse and put an amp meter on the wire to get a reading. Then ad 10% to the draw to get the fuse size.