Gx390 best pump to use for commercial flat surface cleaning

im looking for the best budget pump for flat surface cleaning using the gx390

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Well, you can get a 4gpm/4k psi direct drive unit fairly cheaply but it’s not the best for surface cleaning as all that psi will just be wasted. As a minimum you’ll want a 5gpm/2500psi and those aren’t cheap plus it’ll be more of a belt/gear reduction drive pump.

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i already have a 5gpm pump, was just wonder about the size flat surface cleaner i should go with for that gpm.

This was your original question. But anyway to answer the second one with a 5gpm you can do a 16" or 19" surface cleaner.

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Some people. @dcbrock youre way too helpful to those undeserving. This🤡 has 34 min read time and doesn’t even understand the english language. He thinks a pump is a surface cleaner? And he already has a pump so why does he need a sc?

@dcbrock thank you for all the help brother💪🏾, I didn’t mean to come off like that, you guys are awesome I’m man enough to admit that. Just have a lot of stuff going on didn’t mean to project.

@SWFLWasher my apologies I posted in 2 different forums. I did needed a pump, and I got one, so people were very helpful, I thought this was the group where I asked a straight question about a surface cleaner size. But your completely right, and I admit that as a man.

I just tend to give people a pass sometimes, I was in his shoes five years ago trying to figure all this out after having a long-term career.