GX-690 with 49 hours is dead

Started my day arriving at a new customers house and get water hose hooked up and SC out and hooked up to the pressure hose and go over to start the PW and nothing! The machine is dead! I checked the battery and it is good so I assume something is disconnected or loose etc. Checked all of that and long story short it was a blown fuse.

The machine was running fine on the last job when I shut it down and wouldn’t start this morning. Odd how a fuse blows with the machine not running.

Embarrassing to say the least and the customer was completely understanding. He owns a concrete company and said little stuff like that happens to him as well. I ran down the street to Rural king and bought some fuses and completed the job.

He wants me to come back next week and clean his roof and house. He also wants to use me to clean all his concrete jobs before he seals, not all was lost just a embarrassing start to the day with a new customer.


Stuff happens. I’ve been struggling to catch up two 12v failed in one week. Finally caught up and today I have a short in the toggle switch. Stuff breaks.

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I think the delivery of the news to the customer is more important. I offer 10% for reschedule if it’s my fault.


You said you hooked up the Pressure line to the SC then started the 690? Are you starting the pump under pressure?

Pumps are always started under pressure with us. Those fuses blow. Keep a couple in each truck. We had one go yesterday with 15 minutes left and the other trucks had already left. Once you replace one, pig tail some short wires so next time you don’t have to fight behind the key switch. I’ll post a pic Monday


What size fuse?

I got the job done with basically a 30 minute delay. I’ve never had this issue before so it took a minute to figure out. I always start the pump under pressure that is bypassed into the buffer tank until I get on the trigger and never an issue.

The thing that threw me off was that the unit was so new and never had a problem before. Not even a hiccup. I thought this was a Toyota… turned out to be a ford…LOL

The fuse is a 30 amp small automotive fuse.

Almost exactly (timing wise) what happened to me. My 690 blew the fuse around 50 hours. It’s never happened since, but I always keep some spares.

Looking forward to those wiring pictures, @Innocentbystander


Good to know, I’ll have to get a couple fuses.


It’s safe to start the day assuming something is going to break. That way when you string 3-4 days together without issues it feels like Christmas.

And keep back ups of EVERYTHING. Pump parts, fuses, o-rings, injectors, fittings, hose, whip lines, fuel line, poly braid, barbs, etc. 2 days ago I got caught on the fuel line and it broke the barb clean off at the tank. A razor knife, another nylon barb out of the bucket, and 60 seconds later back in business.

I made a YouTube video about building a spare parts bucket to save the day.

Level up: buy two of every size wrench you need. They’re $6-7/each and long handle 19mm+ wrenches are wayyyy nicer than short, crappy adjustable wrenches.


Mine’s a 630 but this is what @Innocentbystander is referring to…


What make and model is your machine?

Cold water Pressure Pro 690 with a T2021 pump