I was shopping for a brush to was gutters and facia. I read some posts and watched a few videos about different brushes. The one that stands out was a multidirectional brush from Pressuretek. People like it because it gets into tight corners. Some people were wrapping the brush with a microfiber cloth to wipe gutters. While researching that I came across the GutterSmop. Its a brush/mop specifically for doing gutters. They even have their own gutter cleaner. The GutterSmop is made out of microfiber instead of bristles. I’m anxious to give it a try and see how it works.

I used this brush for a few years when I did gutter whitening. It worked great. I haven’t touched that brush in a few years now…hopefully you’ll learn at some point and never touch your brush again.

Yeah, that’s the multidirectional brush I was talking about. I’ve heard the horror stories about the aluminum gutters. I do handyman work as well and the customers will know ahead of time that repainting the gutters may be necessary and will be billed accordingly. If it doesn’t work then I won’t offer that service anymore.

I just tell my customers ahead of time the ‘tiger stripes’ won’t come off without also taking the paint off, and they are suddenly fine with that.

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GUYS PLEASE READ THIS: it is 100% possible to do gutter whitening without harming the paint, you just need the right product. You need to look at a degreaser that is d-limonene based. Our local Landa dealer has a product they call 409, or you can order something online ( sells something). They don’t advertise the 409 stuff for gutter whitening, but it is amazing. It’s expensive but you only need about a cup of product to do all of the gutters on a large house, and we make a few thousand dollars off of a 5 gallon bucket. No need to dilute and it won’t melt the skin off your hands like some of the other products.

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Are you getting it from Diego?

Yessir! It’s about $100 for 5 gallons.

I used viper venom for about 10 years until I learned there is more money to be made not scrubbing gutters :grinning:

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I used that junk once. Had to repaint someones gutters so I did a bunch of research so I didn’t need to do that again, lol.

Probably because it would be trademark infringement.

I don’t think there is a trademark for “Gutter Whitening”, plenty of other products use that term. The Landa product is an “environmentally safe” citrus based degreaser. I think most pressure washers are using it for the services we need degreasers for and aren’t thinking about gutter whitening.

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