Gutter season

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How many blowers does it take to clean a gutter? Lol

One for everyone and a spare

What made you choose Stihl?.. I know it is a quality company, but more specifically did you choose it for warranty, ease of use or repair, friends with dealer, rebates? If the answer is because you like the color, fair enough

I’ve never really had anything covered by warranty except Udor pumps. I like them because you can unscrew the spark arrestor, drop them off a roof, replace the carb in 10 minutes and they last at least 2 seasons of heavy use.

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If you notice they are beat up, taped up and take heavy abuse but they start on the first pull and will run 10 hours a day.


Are those the BG50? My dad has one if so, they’re pretty light weight. Glad to hear they can take a beating!

the newer ones are 50’s They stopped making the 55’s. 50’s have less power, and no “foot” on the bottom sits it sits level on a roof . Plus that foot was a great handle. Still it is better than anything else on the market. I have bought pretty much one of everything and stihl is the best.

Stihl is phenomenal when it comes to durability… and I like the colors. I was half expecting you to say you know the president of Stihl and have compared cfm’s of other manufacturers that cost more with no difference in air speed/ velocity haha.

Nope. I was color blind for about 15 years but before and after I have always loved orange. The shirt I’m wearing right now


Thanks. I tried sounding it out three times. :expressionless: I’m going home…


Forgive my ignornace, but what exactly are you doing with the blowers? I know ive spoken to you before and you do a ton of gutters, do you just have your guys stick the blowers in and blow out whats in the gutter and leave it on the ground? What about heavier stuff and stuff clogging the down spout? I guess we do such little amount of gutters and theyre usually just an add on to a house wash i am used to doing it the old fashion way by hand!

We walk the roof blowing down everything from the ridgeline down top the gutters off the roof. Then we blow the gutters out and blow down the downspouts. Everything that gets blown off the roof greys blown into the tree line or into the common landscape areas. Cleaning by hand means a ton of ladder moving, doesn’t get everything out of the gutters, doesn’t get the debris off the roof and doesn’t clear the downspouts. A typical 5 or 6 unit town home building only pays about $75 so 4 guys need to do it in about 10 minutes to see stay profotable. On rainy, snowy or wet days we usually have to rinse tube buildings. For me, gutter cleaning is a loss leader to keep the contracts to wash the buildings. On wet days they are a break even. On good days i make money.


A lot of properties wr do don’t even have gutters but they have to have the leaves and pine straw blown off the roofs.

Good grief, my spelling is atrocious when I type on my phone. Screen is to small to see the words and thumbs to big for the keyboard in the phone.

I use talk to text quite a bit and it throws in random words, wrong words, or misses them altogether. I’ve reread some of my posts and I sound like a crazy person.

Anyway, how many hours would you say you get out of the BG 50 blowers before you have to refuel? I gotta go pay my balance for the lifts this week and they also happen to be a Stihl dealer.

Plugging this other joker in for the townhomes in a couple weeks isn’t gonna cut it.

That is kinda a hard question to answer. Guys on roof use more than guys on ground. Depends on how much stuff is on the roof. I would say a solid 10 to 12 minutes wide open. That probably equals 20 minutes of on and off the trigger. All the guys carry a drink bottle with gas in a back pocket and can fill up twice with that. The truck always seems further and further away. Either way, a 2 gallon can of gas will run 6 blowers all day long. Doesn’t sound like a lot of run time but it isn’t that bad.


Shazam. Good enough for me.

Intake is on right hand side so if you are a dedicated lefty it will suck on your pant’s leg. I keep one echo I had for a lefty but it sucked. First guy up the ladder goes over the ridge and to the back side. We blow left or right depending on the wind and building layout so it really doesn’t matter to most of us if we blow left or right handed.

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Not to mention the phone just makes up words for you