Gutter Scrubbing acrobatics

I’m just venting here but wow some of these gutter scrubbing projects require some interesting maneuvers. One I did a few days ago was 3 stories, it one of those pop out sections of roof on the 1’st level which made positioning the ladder awkward, AND the whole house was on a steep hill.

Been there, done that.

Downstreamed three quarts of F-13, rinsed like crazy.


Edit to add:

No scrubbing.

We did a hydronic agitation.

Spray and brush! Alot of work.

Been there too Mike, it’s partially why I don’t push it hard other than 1 level houses…

I’ve DS’ed it but it just uses a ton of F-13

I had on where I was on the top of my ladder, standing backwards, back bent over the roof almost laying down, while brushing.

lol I bet your back loved you for that