Gutter Gernade (G-R-E-N-A-D-E)

I was doing some gutter brightening today with Gutter Gernade and ran into some problems. I started with 10 to 1 ratio and it didn’t phase the oxidation. I moved up to 5 to 1 and it smeared it at best. I did 3 applications to no avail. Outside temp was 40 degrees. Could this be an issue?

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The product that you have mentioned has been discussed on here previously, but maybe not to your specific needs. A quick search of “gutter grenade” revealed the following threads:

People on here will help you, they have been more than accommodating to me.

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Too cold to work like it suppose to. 60 degree or above is ideal, I’ve used it around 55 degrees and worked but took longer. Use search bar, very useful! Much success.

From Pressure Tek for dilution ratios and temps:
The black streaks in gutters are in the oxidation layer of the paint. F-13 removes the oxidation and in turn removing the streaks and unlike butyl-based products that when diluted with water lose their strength rapidly, F-13 is effective at dilution ratios of 50-1. F-13 can be used safely at dilution ratios as low as 5-1. 20-1 dilution normally removes the oxidation with light agitation, making F-13 very economical to use. F-13 works best in temperatures above 60 degrees.

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80 degrees. Put your gutter cleaning gallon jug in the floor board of your truck and warm it up

@Firefighter4hire, Tony, THAT’S thinking out of the box and a great tip. BTW, I seldom try to use that stuff at a ratio lower that 1:2 but am ready to rinse almost immediately as soon as it removes the oxidation.

First time I tried gutter grenade it was 40-50 degrees and even at strong concentrates it didn’t work for me (didn’t know about the temp requirements at the time). Thought it was bogus. Then when summer hit and it was much much warmer, I tried it on some aluminum window frames that had oxidation on a neighborhood full of retirement folk and charged $3 a window and made a good bit! Worked great. Almost every person wanted it done. I barely used any product with those jobs too. Drops worth. There’s a thread about it somewhere in here. I like it. I ordered gutter butter as well to try next