Gutter Gadgets Video!

What are you guys using for a pole?

Something like this?


Yep! Make sure you get and use the harness or you will be a sore sob the next day.

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I blow 6000 psi of water and it cleans in a instant, bare clean gutters…

how many end caps do you replace a year?


And how many times have you blown water under the shingles? That sounds like a risk I’m unwilling to take.

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you got to be careful you spray the water OUT of the gutters side your blowing leaves out . Never had a complaint and folks love how it looks clean, Don’t spray the end cap…

I did one yesterday
32’ ladder - gutter were 1/2 full of shingle grit, only shingle grit, not one leaf. All the downspouts were clogged. Bid the job at a flat rate, was not worth it for sure.

I just can’t find the solution I like. Gutter vac seems a no go, I just can’t get over blowing that much water in the gutters and making a big mess. The wheels are turning. Gotta be a better way


Gutter cleaning is dangerous, nasty, and difficult and when I price it correctly people gripe. If a person calls me for gutter cleaning only and then thinks the price is outrageous, what’s the chances they’ll call about any of my other services now that they think my prices are outrageous?

I’m no longer going to advertise it or offer it as a stand alone service. I will only accept jobs as an add-on service on a case by case basis from now on.

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So I just got the tool that @SchertzServicesLLC uses, haven’t even tried it yet. I have used the bent end attachment to do a few gutters as an add-on.

Regarding gutter cleaning as a solo or add on service. In my experience, the only value is as an add-on. I tried marketing it as a solo service, and found that my competition is a rando with a ladder and a bucket, scooping crap out with his hand for $70 or some other low number.

The only way that I would offer this as a solo service is to current customers in the fall, as a kind of top up before winter. And, it gives the opportunity to offer house washing or window cleaning again.

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Used mine last weekend on 2 single story homes. I have a spare 4 foot lance and I put them both together with the attachment and knock out a single story in 10 minutes or less. $69 up charge on each home.

That seems low to me, but not too bad for a single story home. Please double that or more for a 2 story.

Another way I approach pricing in situations like this is:

What would they be quoted by a company that they called for (insert service here)

So, for example: If everyone is charging minimum $150 for gutter clean outs, then your $69 upcharge is horrible. Even as an add-on at $120 you are saving them money.

That may not be the case, but, if you already have work at that house, consider what another company would charge for any service solo.

I charge $1 a foot for 1 story and $2 a foot for two story and only do it as an add on. He had about 70 foot of gutter in 2 equal sections. Both houses were identical (rentals)

I don’t have a minimum when it comes to add on services. I’m already there for something making what I needed to make to show up. If they want to pay me $5 to wash a lawn ornament in 30 seconds I’ll do it.

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In total he ended up with a $500 bill for 2 1/2 hours of my time. I more than exceeded my hourly goal. But the housewash minimum was steep for this small of a house.

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What type of gas blower are you using? Backpack blower?

Back0ack blowera are dangerous if you walking on the roof. Your center of gravity is offset, you loose balance and u are history
Better hand held ones, if you loose balance just toss it


Stihl bg85 for steep roof and shindiawa eb802 back pack blower for ones without much pitch.the Shindaiwa is getting up graded later this month to the new husky . Bigger is better and it’s currently the biggest you can buy. Plus the shidy is about 10 years old now . Nothing worse than trying to start a big blower up on a roof that is temperamental

I don’t think so, if you are using a really powerful one and you ever see yourself falling from the roof, just point it down it should slow your fall down enough to survive or keep you up there or even lift you up even higher if it’s too powerful :joy:

Just kidding, anyone reading, Please DON’T try this!

so when you guys are blowing out the gutters, are you picking up the leaves off the ground after with a rake? or what happens with the leaves?

I do not get on rooves.
I clean the gutters, the rooves for the landscapers.
I don’t do all services, only the ones that I am confortable doing and insured.
I like to be safe