Gutter cleaning

Does anyone clean the inside of gutters and if so what do you charge per gutter


Yep! We charge $1 a linear foot on one story and $1.50 a linear foot on two story. Also $1.50 a foot for down spouts.

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Hi Marty. The easiest way to find out what the going rate for your area is join Angie’s List. Most reviews have the amount they paid for each service, from contractors in your area. At least you will be in the ballpark.

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Often times my gutter clean out prices are more than my house wash price because I do not like ladders. Some customers go for it, many do not.

I’ve had trouble making a per foot price work. Sometimes there is no good place to put a ladder and you have to crawl through a bunch of prickly holly bushes. Sometimes the gutters are broken up into 87 different sections. Sometimes they have gutter guards that all have to be taken out. Sometimes they just live under a bunch of trees and the gutters haven’t been cleaned any time recently. Sometimes the roof is walkable and you can go around with a blower in 5 minutes.

I like to do video gutter inspections. Take your phone up and shoot a quick video of what the gutters look like. Customers appreciate that.

For the leaders, I just drop a few little pebbles down to make sure they are not blocked.

The ladder stabilizer does wonders if you don’t like ladders. It makes me feel much more confident.


Yep, the low ballers really own gutter work around here and that’s fine. I only take the jobs that make it worth while. Not worth the trouble at $99

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