Gutter cleaning plus gutter brightening?

A question for guys that do gutter cleaning. Do you wipe down the outside of the gutters? If the gutters need brightening do you charge 2×? I’ve read some install gutter guards for $4-$5 a foot. Does that include cleaning the gutters? Thank you!

I clean the inside and I will hose off the outside but that is about it. I don’t wipe them or really do much cleaning on the outside (IF its just a gutter clean out job) other than hosing them off when I’m done. I don’t offer gutter brightening, rather just try and sell a housewash. And I definitely don’t install gutter guards. I hate those things!

When i clean gutters on the inside or the down spouts i also do the home.
If not i dont do them
Gutter cleaning is included on the wash.
If the want it to be brighten, is extra.

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I rinse the outside of gutters that I clean out. The problem is stuff gets on the siding as well so I end up rinsing the siding afterwards. I think next season I’ll only clean gutters that I do a house wash on. I also include gutter whitening with a house wash I can reach with 30 ft Unger pole. I apply f13 mixed in a 5 gallon bucket with a soft brush. It takes me an extra 15-20 min per house. Next season I’m going to stop doing gutter whitening unless they want it done it will be an extra $100

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Thanks guys!

Gutter whitening should be something completely separate. Of course when you clean gutters you get some schmoo on the top lip and the face so you can spray that off and anything else that gets nasty. Usually if you get a dry week and clean with a blower you don’t typically have that mess but you still have to rake or clean the debris imo.

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I live in the land of rain. We might get 2 dry weeks between September and January. :fearful: