Gutter cleaning off black oxidation

I’m quoting this job on my own, I usually sub-contracted out these jobs to another guy in my area but we recently had a falling out and I don’t want to do work with him anymore. I’m not going to turn down work so I need help here as this is my first time. I usually stick to house washing and window cleaning. I told these people a rough ball park of $700 and told them I would get back to them later on today with an actual quote. It’s a one story home but the back is on a slant causing it to be more like a 2 story home. Level ground I don’t see too much of a problem using ladders to reach the gutters. Now here is my question, can you guys tell me tips and knowledge on getting these zebra stripes and mold off the gutters. What chemicals, how to apply, how hard is this to do, what is some things I should know…anything would help. Also if you think you could give me any input on how you quote these jobs. Thanks in advance I’ll check back later today guys!

A google search will tell you all you need to know… there are tons of discussions about this.

F-13, Purple Power, Simple Green, Krud Kutter, LA Awesome, are all chemicals that people report success with, along with several others. F-13 and Purple Power are pretty popular. If you cant get them clean with your gutter brush, magic erasers might do the trick.

People apply by directly spraying the gutters, by spraying the brush and applying, or by dunking the brush in a 5 gallon bucket of mix and applying. Most apply the chemical, let sit a few minutes, then scrub with brush, and rinse.

I’ve seen people report charging anywhere from $1 to $2 a linear foot, depending on how many stories and other things.

Dilution rates vary per product. Start weak and work your way up, these products will eat the paint off of gutters if too strong… warmer temperatures make them more potent. Purple Power maybe start 1/2 and 1/2 and work your way up.

I’ve PM’d you a link to a thread that discusses F-13 and Purple Power, as well as detailed application techniques.


What you are seeing is algae. Just find a good algaecide. I think the guy above me gave you a starting list for gutter cleaning supplies.

Pro-Long Roof Care

This brush with a microfiber rag spring clipped around it on the end of a Sherlock 8’-16’ extension pole.

This bucket with 1 inch of 12.5% SH and another inch of water, a squirt of Palmolive dish soap unless I already have soft wash mix with a better surfactant in it.

I let it dwell for 10 minutes. Rinse it off. Works fine for me.

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I like that BRUSH where u get that at??

Basic house wash mix will clean the gutters up as far as killing the mold/mildew. @tireshark gave good chem suggestions for oxidation removal. I use F-13 personally with great success. I definitely second the advice about starting weak and increasing the potency from there. F-13 can and will strip the paint right off of the gutters. Careful not to let it dwell too long either if you go with it. I haven’t used any of the others so I can’t say how they work.

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Home Depot. I like it so much I bought a ton of them. I found it in the paint dept. They’re only 5 bucks. A spring clip and microfiber rag turn it into a mega brush.

They’re stashed everywhere. I kinda feel like they’re watching me. Like a weirder version of elf on the shelf.


My Home Depot did not have one but I did NOT look in the paint dept…
I will do that tomorrow… I GOT a big wash Tue with includes gutters which I don’t like to do…
I do one job in them rich neighbor hoods and 2 more will come for me to do theirs.