Gutter cleaning help

Hello all looking for some advice on how to accomplish this clean. I’ve done many gutters on ranches and two story home’s but this house has a section of gutters I don’t feel good about. Mainly because I’m not sure how to get to it, any ideas would be greatly appreciated. I normally use the bucket and small shovel while using a ladder stabilizer to keep me away from the house.

I’m looking to get to the section of gutters above the garage.

Purchase carbon fibre poles from guttersucker in u.k., or from wcs in Quebec. Not sure about what u.s. has for poles. Get a rigid shopvac from Home Depot and you can clean those gutters from the ground. Hope this helps.

The gutters have guards on them all the way around. They are the cheap clip on ones.

I personally have gutter cleaning lowest on my list of services that I offer so in a case like that I would just walk away and move on to another easier job. You could put a ladder on the lower section to get to the top section but it’s dangerous.

Here’s a diagram:

The ladder needs levelers at the feet and a stabilizer at the top and personally I would attach a safety rope to prevent it from flipping out which it shouldn’t do if your angles are right but sometimes I like extra precaution.

Like I said I would bail especially if it has guards on them.

I use the ladder pivot tool and put small ladder like the above diagram, if you dont have ladder with level feet.


@tecumseh your a genius! I have one of those already, looks like I can return the ladder I just bough with levelers.

As always thanks everyone!

does the ladder bolt to this pivot tool or does it only rely on grip from roof and foot of ladder?

Its solely on grip the Pivit tool has some pretty big ridges built on there for traction. I dont recommend doing this by your self you would want someone footing the ladder for sure.

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Thank’s for the input bud!

Cougar paw boots. Hop up there and blow them out.

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It just sits on there and I have never been too impressed with mine as a ladder leveler. I use it for placing a ladder on stairs sometimes or to chock the wheels of my trailer but don’t trust it much beyond that.

Ive used it alot that way, Ive done it alone but Id have someone there to hold the ladder. It does work very well for me.