Gutter cleaning estimates?

Recently got contacted for this humongous gutter cleaning job, I haven’t really done any commercial gutters, what do you guys charge per square foot?

What requirements are to be met to be able to rent a lift?

Can’t walk on these roof at all as they’re clay tiles so a lift will be needed for sure.

You spell ladder differently than I do


Some of the gutters are over 30-40ft tall, you’d still do it with a ladder? Seems very risky, how would you ensure nothing happens? Sandbags at the bottoms of ladders and a ladder harness?

Well, we don’t know how tall the buildings are. based on your pics they are two stories. There isn’t anything in the gutters based on the lack of trees so it would probably be a spot check. Throw a 40ft ladder up if they are tall. One guy foots it and one runs up and checks. Sand bags are for flood control and FOB’s and COP’s. I can’t see what a ladder harness would be used for.

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Budgeting for a regular maintenance fee to keep your gutters flowing freely is cheaper than risking long-term water damage from clogged gutters.

Gutter cleaning may seem simple, but there are a few factors to consider when estimating gutter cleaning expenses. The most important factors affecting gutter cleaning expenses are their length and slope.

Also, the area you live in will affect the total price of gutter cleaning because labor costs tend to be higher in metropolitan and even suburban areas.


How much could you charge them just to fly a drone and show them pictures that show there is nothing in the gutters? What could possibly be in there? You don’t have asphalt shingles to leave the granules and there are no tall trees anywhere in those pictures

We need clarification, is this gutter cleanout or exterior cleaning?

Good point, I tend to assume guys who do specialized exterior cleaning/brightening/whitening/scrubbing or whatever you call it tend to specify, and those who only clean out gutters usually do not. Then I wind up making assumptions… :grin:

I run in to gutters that haven’t been done in a while full of silt and dirt. Must take a while to build up but it happens