Gun leaking

I have a Suttner relaxed action and the other 2305 I think and both have them been leaking as of lately…think the guns need rebuilds or something else could be the issue? Unloader doesn’t seem to be a cause, I could be wrong.

Also, another symptom I have is my 0040 stream is lacking big time, its not a tight stream like it used to be.

Guns and tips both wear out.

Trey, I just had to replace my gun and when I switched to a new one, the stream was way off. I added a lance to it and it straightened out. You probably just need a new gun.

All of those things happen to your body when it gets old. So I’ve heard.

Look like i’m going to get a couple new guns and tips…

Tim LMAO, I’m 20…I hope that’s not happening already

I will confirm I have heard the same thing :rolleyes::cool:

Well I ran low pressure water through the gun backwards and that seemed to get the junk that was in the gun out.