Gum removal

Does anyone have any advice on stand alone gum removal equipment?Just look looking for specific pro and cons about machine. I need something with low water consumption.

Apparently hot water pops gum up super easy. I run a cold water machine but the few times I did need to remove gum it wasn’t too bad.

What do you mean low water consumption? My local rental place rents a 4 gpm hot water machine for 85 a day. If I do get a job with lots of gum I guess I will rent it.

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I have 3 hot water machine’s at the moment but I have a chance to pick up a large account but it has a heavy traffic area 24/7. I have been looking into the gumbuster I was hoping someone would have tried something similar

Heavy duty scraper and goof off will do it, but tedious. No water needed.

Its alot of gum I’m thinking around 500-700 peices.

That’s a boatload of gum - going to take awhile no matter what you use.

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Yes it is I have been leaning towards the dr 1200 machine they claim you can remove 700 peices a hour. I’m not sure I believe that but I could use the machine for so many other things.

Strange machine. If you do get it. Id love to see a video of it. Font care if its a crappy one still woukd be interesting.
“Claims” it can remove 1000 pieces of gum an hour only using 2 liters of water. Pressure washer would definitely be faster but even if they are lieing about the water usage by the looks of the video it will use less water than any pressure washer.

Gotta love it when a company says email for price. :flushed:

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Yeah tell me about I sent one today. I dont imagine that it’s cheap but I’m hoping its around 5k I have found some used stuff on Ebay but I’m not sure about used stuff. Gumbuster is another option and then gumwand


I’m not understanding why you can’t use one of your hot water units

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Kind of wierd they don’t have testimonials or other information on their web page. Their physical description is well written.

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Way to much water. Also I can use gum machine in area and not worry about pedestrians

Sorry couldn’t resist this jewel.
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I looked at those and the steel eagle rig. The noise is also a problem. This may be something I should walk away from but I do love a challenge. The gum machine seams to be a perfect fit I was just hoping on some user info. All the companies have thier own special soap. Seams like it would be useful for other stuff

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Hot water with a turbo nozzle will remove a piece of gum in about 2 sec from concrete.

700 pieces in one area will be very easy.

Dont overthink it.

Hot water + turbo nozzle = No more gum.