GUM removal bid appox 50,000sqft

I am looking to bid for a state job cleaning up sidealks in a commerical district. I am curious what you guys are charging for gum removal/sidewalk cleaning price per sq ft. A few details,no reclaim,door bottoms must be sealed to prevent water from coming in and no water source except fire hydrant. any help would be great

Tough to say, I know that we can usually hot water pw a piece of gum off every 3-4 seconds if the concrete is very strong and can withstand full pressure without scarring.
If the gum build is bad and it’s a heavy build up area, our cleaning can be as slow as 500 sq ft per hour per machine.

We are always working on improving our metrics as they are very important especially when bidding jobs such as the one you describe.

We are working on one right now (about 2 days into the project) where we are cleaning a highschool campus which hasn’t been cleaned in 16 years. It has about 108,000 sq ft of concrete. This project will be very telling for us. Right now we have 3 rigs out there doing work as I type.