Grill/griddle caddy

It’s winter here, so I have ample time to do stuff. I went to go get a grill caddy that I saw online at walmart. 50 bucks?!? for a fancified milkcrate?

I made my own for 23, no so fancy, but I only have to make one trip to the grill now. Bought a sub $20 enclosed milkcrate at lowes at 10 percent off, then went to the store and bought a fridge bin for 3.99 to keep my rubs and seasoning in. I actually installed a papertowel rack on the other side. I took it off the grill since I won’t keep papertowels on it when it isn’t under roof. Plenty of room to hold all tools/bottles and the junk I carry out there.


Just needs a kitchen sink and a fridge bolted to it and you’re set lol.

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dreams really do come true… :grinning:

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Do you have a better picture? Is it on wheels? Not sure what to compare it to.

Or is it literally a crate with the container from the fridge attached to it? Or bigger than we see on the pic and you carry charcoal and all that.

It would ne nice if it’s on wheels and waterproof lids and you can leave everything there for when you want to grill.

For sub $25, you aren’t getting anything with wheels and lids anywhere, except maybe a used one at an auction. This was just a simple crate with a rack and a papertowel holder. I heard about a griddle caddy because everyone complains about making 3-4 trips out to the grill to cook. I went to go buy this one and said I’ll make it myself

Having said this you could easily take one of these and modify it (in the gallon size you want). Just don’t try and stick it under your griddle, probably too hot there.

Otherwise, they make prep tables you can buy and store everything outside, but I didn’t want another 3’ table sized thing on my deck. Here is a prep table as an example. I don’t know anything about this table and am not recommending it, it was just a quick googly search.

Thanks, i wasn’t sure as i thought “caddy” meant “on wheels”. Second language and all. Will look into the table ideas!

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Living in canada, you should look to your side of the border. It seems like there must be 1000’s of metal shops from Quebec to Ontario, because everytime I go to buy something it is always made in Canada. Snowpusher, scaffolding, pallet forks, etc. If it is stamped metal, it seems to come from Italy. Just a weird observation on my part and may not be completely accurate.