Grill Grease on Dryvit

Hey guys, first post here. Came over from WCR forum. I’m trying to get educated on more effective methods for pressure washing. Looking forward to getting smart!

I have a job today that’s got a nasty situation. The house is sided in dryvit. There is a large barbecue grill next to the house. It’s in a corner that has a dryvit roof over it. The grill is poorly situated because there is nowhere for the smoke/vapors from cooking to go. The dryvit in this area is covered with little wads of grease from the grill. They look almost like cobwebs, but it’s greasy blotches that have collected dirt, etc. Looks really bad.

My question is this: Will the soft wash recipe i’m using cut that grease or will i need something stronger? I have a cold water pressure washer and i’m using straight 12% sh/10 oz. simple cherry through a donwstream injector (thanks Bob from Preassure Tek!) to remove green moss etc from the rest of the house. Will that combo clean off the grease?

If not, can anyone recommend another method to clean it up? Thanks in advance for any advice.

Your mixture will improve the appearance a bit as it will remove the dirt that is attached to the grease.

Your mixture will not remove grease.

I would use some of Bobs F-18 to remove the grease and then maybe some F-13 to lighten any soot.

It is possible that the client will be so impressed with the house wash results that they won’t want anything else done.

But one of everything from Bob is a good arsenal to have.

And welcome to the PWR!

Okay, cleaned this area today and it turned out great!
my recipe:
4 gal. 10% sh
10 oz. simple cherry
about 1/4 cup dawn

sprayed this on via downstream injector, let it dwell for about 10 minutes, then rinsed off. It all came off! I had to rinse for quite awhile because the little wads of crud were actually cobwebs. Those things really don’t like to let go. But after it was all done the whole area looked about 90% better.