Grey water

Ive been noticing at times when i first pull on the trigger the water will be a dark to lightish grey color for maybe 10 seconds then returns clear until i let off the trigger and when i pull again dark water. It happens on soap and under pressure. It doesn’t happen all the time but has been intermittent for at least a month now. I have used two different machines through this so i dont think its the pump. Unless it a problem on both machines i suppose. Anyone have any ideas? And @DisplacedTexan i tried to search so if you dont have the answer i would appreciate silence if you do have the answer i am all ears or eyes i guess.

@SWFLWasher I’ve got a good idea of what’s happening with your machine.

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Take your hose off or bypass the reel and see if you’re still getting gray water your hose or your reel probably has rust in it or you’ve left bleach in it and it comes out black

When my pressure hose is degrading I’ll get a few seconds of rusty water the first pull of the day. Lets me know to expect a hose change soon lol.

Hose or orings are going bad. Post video

And if I had noticed this I never would have replied

I thought the fact that it only happens the first few seconds when i depress the trigger might narrow down the cause. Ill start with the o rings. Thank you guys for your input. Sorry i tricked you IBS. I guess you should read the whole post before responding to prevent your priceless advice from being delivered directly to undeserving people

I’m just a part timer and I know that if I haven’t used my pressure hoses in a few days I’ll get a quick shot of rust-tinted water purging out of the hose end, but it clears up within a few seconds. That’s going through 150-ft of pressure hose. Not sure about the grey…

It happens the first few seconds everytime i depress the trigger for a period of time and then seems to go away eventually. Although i feel like sometimes when im deep into rinsing i see grayish water every now and again. Definitely gray to almost black sometimes. Not orange or brownish.

Ah don’t sweat it. He doesn’t like me and that’s okay. He isn’t the first and won’t be the last.

@SWFLWasher if I remember correctly, you have a homeowner machine with no buffer tank, right? If that’s the case, does your machine have a thermal relief valve on it? Sometimes when those fail they can break into pieces and change the color of the water.

If it’s not that, my money would be on the pressure hose starting to break down internally. Confusing though because surely you would’ve encountered that before with how long you’ve been washing.

Either way, good luck with it :+1:

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