Grey Water Tank For Water Reclaim

So water reclaim is a big issue in California and I have been pondering the best way to setup my new flatbed truck with a reclaim unit. Filtering and reusing the water would be ideal, but after doing more research on the recycle units, I found that the water is just not clean enough to use on anything but concrete after being filtered (and chemicals in the wash water would be recycled right back into your fresh water tank).

The only other option is to get a grey water tank because there is not always a place to redirect water to like landscaping. I would imagine having a grey water tank onboard a truck would turn into a smelly, inconvenient mess.
Does anyone actually use a grey water tank?
Do you transport water with it, or just dump it elsewhere on the jobsite before leaving?
Is there a better way of doing this?

So I assume no one uses grey water tanks?

I am in the same boat as you are. I am actually building a unit myself to fit my needs instead of buying a complete system strait out. It has taken me a long time and a lot of research to make sure that i am compliant and in code but i finally got everything figured out. It is exactly what i wanted and the cost is almost nothing.

[MENTION=12620]xlaudio[/MENTION] You are building a vac system?

I bought the hydrotek system and am just trying to figure out if using a grey water tank would be worth it or not…

In alot of commercial areas that we do there is no landscaping or sewer outlets to redirect water to, so I guess a grey water tank is the only option…

Can you explain your system design and what are the components?
I need to build one also.

Ronnie Faulkner
Athens Ga.

Transportation of " Grey water" opens up possible issues. Check with your local POTW for discharge permits. Sewer is just about on ever commercial property, except properties that are located outside of the cities sewer system or on properties that have a septic tank system.

In 26 years of reclaim and filtration, we never had the need to transported waster water.

Waste generated power washing becomes class II waste. You will more than likely have to get a hazmat permit and all that junk. Sanitary sewer is your best bet. Make sure you check with your local POTWS for permits for sure.

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